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In order to become a Writing Tutor, you must be enrolled in Honors Writing Instructors with Ms. Elizabeth Cramarosso. This class is recommendation ONLY. English teachers will submit their class recommendations at the end of the year. However, expressing interest in this class to your current English teacher will definitely better your chances. 

Why it's selective? 

We want students with a genuine interest in writing because, despite being an elective class, this course is thorough and comprehensive, culminating in a self-developed research paper. Additionally, because of the service-learning benefits, we must ensure that all of our prospective tutors are dedicated to helping others learn and are there for the experience - not just the meritorious rewards. 

How can I better my chances?

As mentioned above, it's always a plus to speak to your English teacher and determine if this class is a good fit for you. Aside from that, it's always good to familiarize yourself with Our Beliefs and book a tutoring session yourself to see if you like our methods. Additionally, never refrain from reaching out to us! Come to our events, fill out our contact form, or email a tutor! There are tons of ways you can get on our radar so we know to pick you as one of our tutors. 

What are the benefits?

You have the opportunity to earn hundreds of service-learning hours. This class looks great on college applications and also prepares you for university life since you will be very much responsible for your own education and self-advocacy. 

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